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o3 Retail creates, operates and franchises a portfolio of brands with high appeal. Currently our portfolio consists of Toy Stores, Communication Stores, Healthcare Stores, FMCG products and and Consultancy Services.

Over the past few years, o3 Retail has built a proven track record in successfully managing retail operations and creating successes of them in local markets.

Our Vision & Mission

To become a leading multi-brand builder, operator, franchisee of specialty retail, create innovative products and provide customized consultancy services across India.

Constantly innovate to operate retail brands that are relevant to local consumers and add value through a high-quality offering. Create brands that are holistic in their approach to providing a superior customer experience.

o3retail Advantage

All about the Customer Experience The quality mission of o3 Retail is to continuously improve the customer experience. Every initiative at o3 Retail - from corporate to store-level is precisely aligned to deliver on that goal. To ensure that it is properly guided, o3 Retail implements systems and processes that give high value and satisfaction to its consumers, customers and principals. The company continuously analyzes and responds to market information, making indicated changes that enhance the customer experience.

Universal Appeal with Local Adaptation The core of each activity is to appeal to a broad range of customers from different cultures, backgrounds and age groups. The primary objective is to engage and satisfy customers by offering value in attractive packages - comfortable, clean and aesthetically appealing store environments, excellent service from thoroughly knowledgeable, friendly staff, an overall experience that represents outstanding value and total value in each product or service. In our experience, customers always recognize and appreciate a quality experience and seek these same common attributes.

State of the Art Quality Management System o3 Retail has developed a comprehensive Business Process Management System to manage its entire value chain, from its corporate offices to the stores. We are very process oriented, and use technology to manage information flows with accuracy and accountability. We strongly believe in setting up the right systems that define the interrelationships between people and departments within the organization. It effectively implements this by putting the right people in the right positions clearly defining their scope of work and having everyone work as a team with a common objective to produce superior results. The system is also very focused on developing team members to provide critical feedback necessary for each person to continuously improve.

Power of Combination Stores o3 Retail has successfully opened an ever-growing portfolio of activity that range from Communication, Toy, Healthcare and health-focussed products.